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Stainless Steel Turnbuckles, Shackles, Lifting Slings, Roundslings, Webbing Slings, Ratchet Tie Down



Dawson Group Ltd. , an ISO 9001 certified firm , specializes in the field of Lifting & hoisting equipment, Marine hardware, Webbing and round sling, Ratchet Tie Down and lashing equipment, Chain & chain sling, Wire rope and wire rope sling, Material handling, Rigging hardware  & other products.


DAWSON rigging hardware factory is one of the leading rigging hardware supplier ,we are full service manufacturer of metal parts, capabilities and services include short run to high volume metal stamping, drop-forging, cast and machined marine parts, precision machined auto parts, and many other processes used in the manufacturing of metallic parts. Which including Turnbuckle, Shackle, Wire rope clipsload binder,Eye bolt and nuts ,Thimble, Hook, Quick link, Block, Anchor, Wire rope, Chain accessories,ect .Our export markets covering European, North America , Australia , New Zealand ,ect.

We are ISO9001 quality certified, utilize technologies and processes to manufacturing OEM/ODM components. And guarantee our customers good products, competitive pricing, and on time delivery.


DAWSON Special Belt factory is specialized in manufacturing the cargo control products, car trailer accessories, such as various types of  Ratchet Tie Down, Cloverleaf Slings, Ratchet Straps Assembly, Flat Webbing Sling, Round Sling, Synthetic Ropes, Tow Strap, Cotton Strap, Nylon Strap, Polyester Straps, Safety Harness, Safety Belt,ect.

Manufacturing to ISO4878, EN 1492 & 12195/2 , and we have modern testing machine and best equipment, above products we have got CE and GS logo, and passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system.

Do believe our company is your most truth friend, high quality is you first choice to guarantee your safety, reasonable prices to save your cost.


 And , DAWSON so many years, closely working with 50 partner factories ,the company now supplies a range of industrial products that covers lifting, lashing, sling, rigging, marine, mining, towing, construction, fishing produtcts, we have been providing satisfying services to our customers from more than 40 countries throughout of the world.

If you have any requirement ,please let us kown, and we are expecting to have you come to visit us personally at the nearest future 


 lifting&rigging products - China L&R



   Our Relatively Products


Rigging hardware:

Turnbuckles, Quick Attach,Thimbles, Wire Rope, Toggles, Swage Terminlas, Rigging, Rings, Blocks, Swivels, Snap Shackles, Ratchet Buckles, Quick Release Pins.

Us type turnbuckles , turnbuckles commercial type, JIS type turnbuckles ,Din 1480 turnbuckles ,Lashing turnbuckles, Korean turnbuckles, Rigging screws ,Australian turnbuckles ,Aluminum-alloy turnbuckles, Italian turnbuckles, DD turnbuckles.

G-414 heavy type thimbles, G-411 light type thimbles ,BS-464 thimbles, Din 6899 thimbles, Thimbles standard type ,Tube thimble weld/W ,Thimbles DIN 3091

US type clips, JIS D.F. clips, DIN 741,DIN 1142, BS 462/iron clips ,A/B type clips,EGG clamp



Grade 80 Alloy Lifting Chain, Alloy Lashing Chain, Connecting Links, Hammerlock, Safety Hook, Eye & Swivel, Safety Hook Clevis Type, Master Link Forged/weldless, Master Link Assembly, Oblong Links Welded, Grab Hook with Wings, Sling Hook Eye & Swivel, Cleivs Sling Hooks,
Weld on Hook, Shortening Hooks, Foundry Hooks, Belt Hook

Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, Screw Pin Chain Shackle, Bolt Type Chain & Anchor Shackle, Hoist Hook,G rab Hook, Slip Hook, Eye Hook, Clevis Hook, Forged Shackle, Shackle
Grade "S", Quick Links, Carbine Hooks, Container Hook, Repair Link, Choke Hook, Snap Hook, Shank Hook, Swivel Hook, Commercial Bow Shackle, Commercial Dee Shackle, Shackle BS, Trawing Shackle, Clevis Link Connecting, "S" Hooks, Weld Rings.


L&R - Lifting webbing slings, round slinsg ,ratchet lashing

Lashing and Slings:

Polyester webbing slings, Flat web slings,Cloverleaf lifting slings,Cover leaf slings, Cargo lifting slings, Polester web sling, Flat slings, Webbing strap, Recovery strap, Webbing sling,  Duplex eye-eye webbing sling, Eye-eye webbing sling Endless webbing sling, Widely and heavy duty webbing sling, Multi-sling,Flat webbing slings, Tree straps, Double braid, Recovery tow strap

Polyester round slings, Polyester sling, Polyester belt sling, Synthetic sling, Round sling, Synthetic webbing, Endless slings, Synthetic web slings,Tow Strap, Recovery straps, Web Belt Sling, Flat webbing sling, Synthetic webbing slings

Polyester cargo lashings , Lashing systems , Cargo lashing, Ratchet tie down, Ratchet lashing , Tie down, Ratchet syestem, Lashing systems, Car lashings,Cargo restraint,Safety net, Safety belt, Cnet, Building net, Ratchet lashing, Nylon rope ladder, Industrial safety nets, Cargo nets, Docknets, Climbin lines, Cargo nets, Ship mast nets, Tube nets, Solid braided rope, Braided rope net, Sports net,PE nets, Safety net, Scaffold net



Regular Link ,Long Link, Grade L,Transport Chain,Safety chain,Stud Link,Stainless Steel Regular Link,Stainless Steel Short Link,Security Chain


Lifting Equipment:


Chain & Connectors

including: Self Colour Chain, Component Connectors, Omega Links, U Links


Master Links

including: Master Link Standard, Master Link Large, Master Link no flat, Reevable Link, Multi Master Link Standard, Multi Master Link Large, Multi Master Link Small


Stainless Steel :
including: Stainless Steel Chain, Stainless Steel Component Connector, Stainless Steel Eye Sling Hook, Stainless Steel Master Link, Stainless Steel Multi Master Link


Chain Block,  Lever Hoist, Hoist Trolley




Eye Bolts :
DIN580 Eye Bolt,  Long Eye Bolt, G80 Eye Bolt, Sysma Eye Nut, Eye Bolt,  Forged Eye Bolt, Galvanised Eye Bolt, Galvanised Ring Bolt, Galvanised Coach Eye, Zinc Plated Eye Bolt


High Tensile Bow Shackles, Higher Tensile Dee Shackle, Black Dee Shackle, Galvanised Shackles, Galvanised Carver Shackles, Stainless Steel Shackle, Stainless Steel Carver Shackle ,D", Long "D", Anchor, Chain, Halyard, Twist, Stamped, Bow, Bolt Pin, Headboard...



Transport Load Securing :
including: Transport Chain, Chain Loadbinder with Grab Hooks, Chain Loadbinder Ratchet Type, Webbing Loadbinder, Clevis Grab Hook



Pulleys :
including: Snatch Block Single Sheave, Cargo Pulley, Single Pulley, Off Road Block, Spare Sheave



Rope :
including: Polyester, Nylon, Manila, Polypropylene, Yachtmaster, Shock Cord, Polyester Braid Cord



Hooks :
including: Eye Hook with latch, Swivel Hook with latch, Clevis Grab Hook, Galvanised Eye Grab Hook, Clevis Slip Hook, Galvanised Mooring Hook, Zinc Plated Karabiner,
Brass Snap Hook, Double Ended Brass Snap Hook, Nickle Plated Snap Hook



Stainless Steel Shackles :

Stainless Steel Shackles, Carver Shackles

Stainless Steel Hooks :

including: Eye Hook with latch, Karabiner, Quick Link, S Hook

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fittings :

including: Turnbuckle, Rigging Screw, Thimble, Wire Rope Grip

Stainless Steel Pad Eyes, U-Bolts & Eye Bolts :

including: Eye Bolt, Eye Bolt Forged, Eye Nut, Coach Eye


Other :

including: Heavy Duty Pulley, Single Pulley with Nylon Sheave, Double Pulley with Nylon Sheave, Eye Plate, Ring Plate, Saddle, R Clip


Wire Rope :

including: Galvanised Wire Rope, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, PVC Galvanised Wire Rope, Stainless Steel PVC Wire Rope

Lifting and rigging attachments


Fittings :

including: Galvanised JIS thimble, Galvanised Thimble, Stainless Steel Thimble, Galvanised Malleable Wire Rope Grip, Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grip, Galvanised Turnbuckle, Zinc Plated Turnbuckle, Alloy Ferrule, Copper Ferrule, Nickle Plated Copper Ferrule

Thimbles, Thimbles & Clevis, Open & Closed Spelter Wire rope Sockets ,Wire Rope Carpenter Stopper ,Proof Coil Chain ,Galvanized Long Link Chain, Grade 80 Alloy Fittings ,Chain Hooks ,Eye Hooks & Sorting Hook ,Wire Rope Clip Attachment ,Malleable Wire Rope Clips ,Stainless Wire Rope Clips ,Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips

Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips, Shackles, Turnbuckles, Stub End Turnbuckles & Bodies, Turnbuckle End Dimensions, Thimbles, Thimbles & Clevis, Open & Closed Spelter Wire rope Sockets, Eye Bolts, Drop Forged Swivels, Forged D-ring with Strap, Blocks and Sheaves, Mambo Shackle 

Stainless Trailer Parts & Accessories :


Hitch Balls, Couplers, Trailer Winches, Safety Chain, Brackets, Square U-bolts, Rollers, Roller Pins, Lug Nuts, Pal Nuts, Tire Holder.


Anchors and Accessories :


Delta, Horizon Claw, Anchor Swivels, Anchor/Bow Rollers, Anchor Holders and Mounts, Chain Stoppers, Grapnel Anchor.

Stockless,U.S. Navy, Hall Anchors, , Byers, Union, Snug Stowing, AC-14, Pool N, Pool TW, Workboat, LWT, Moor fast, Bruce FFTS, Bruce Cast,

Tools :
including: Wire Rope Cutter, Crimping Pliers, Bolt Cutters

Wire Rope Pressing:  Wire Rope, Galvanised and Stainless Steel ; Pressing of Thimbled Eyes, Wire Rope to Turnbuckle Eyes, Wire Rope Slings, Security Cables, Stay Cables etc.



Stainless Steel Facts

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Hardware Terms

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